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House Bills
HB15 – Data Breach Notification Act
HB24 – State Trust Lands Restoration Act
HB41 – Alternative Level 3-B Teacher License Track
HB42 – Instructional Material Definitions & Fund
HB42hjc – Instructional Material Definitions & Fund
HB46 – Moratorium on New Charter Schools
HB47 – Extend School Bus Replacement Cycle
HB53 – Allow Curfew Ordinances
HB58 – Rulemaking Requirements
HB58hsivc/s/a/hjc – Rulemaking Requirements
HB58hsivc/s – Rulemaking Requirements
HB69Education Technology Improvements & Admin | Attachment
HB69a/HTRC/aF#1Education Technology Improvements & Admin | Attachment
HB70 – Local School Superintendant Criteria
HB75 – Limit School Use of Restraint & Seclusion
HB75hec/s – Limit School Use of Restraint & Seclusion
HB87 – Diabetes Committee
HB87a/hhhc/a/hjc – Diabetes Committee
HB87hhhc – Diabetes Committee
HB93 – Cabinet Secretary Sources of Compensation
HB99 – 16-Year-Olds Voting in School Elections
HB104 – Local Election Act
HB105 – Innovations in Teaching Act
HB105hledc – Innovations in Teaching Act
HB113 – Statewide Broadband Network
HB113hsivcs – Statewide Broadband Network
HB114 – Reading Improvement Plans & Interventions
HB124 – Teacher Competency for Licensure Advancement
HB125 – Teacher & Principal Evaluation System
HB130 – School Program Units for School Employers
HB134 – School Personnel Minimum Salaries
HB135 – Early Childhood Teacher Development
HB147 – Workforce Training Residency Requirement
HB158 – Teacher Evaluation Pilot Project
HB160 – School District Full-Time Nurses
HB160hec/s – School District Full-Time Nurses
HB161 – Prior Year Data for School Distributions
HB163 – School Grade Test Scores & Unexcused Absences
HB173 – Early Childhood Teacher Development
HB174 – Local Election Act
HB178 – School Funds for Bus Passes for Students
HB178a/htpwc – School Funds for Bus Passes for Students
HB184 – Property Tax Revenue to Charter Schools
HB185 – Limit Statewide School Testing Days
HB190 – School District Employee Background Checks
HB200 – Anti-Hazing Act
HB208 – NM-Grown Produce in School Meals
HB211 – School Next-Generation Science Standards
HB241 – Use of Attendance in Teacher Evaluations
HB241hec – Use of Attendance in Teacher Evaluations
HB248 – School Employee Evaluation Standards
HB258 – Junior ROTC Instructor Licensure
HB264 – Access to Dental Care Act
HB264hhha – Access to Dental Care Act
HB270 – Home School Student Activity Participation
HB278 – Notice & Review of Exempt Procurements
HB279 – Publish School District Report Cards Online
HB287 – Student Diabetes Management Act
HB298 – School District Reorganizational Act
HB301 – Support for Transferring Students
HB303 – Change Course Requirements for Graduation
HB340 – Education Strategic Planning Task Force
HB350 – Teacher & Principal Effectiveness Act
HB355 – Bullying & Cyberbullying Penalties
HB392 – Alternative School Transportation
HB394 – Guardianship Affidavit & Pre-School Care
HB411 – Points of Contact for Certain Students
HB427 – Prohibit Hazing at Schools
HB433 – Vocational Rehabilitation Act
HB437 – School Attendance Interventions
HB451 – Community Schools & Pre-K Definitions
HB452 – FY 2017 Fund Transfers
HB484 – School Indian Student Needs Assessments
HB470 – School for the Arts & Capital Outlay
HB500 – School Employee Abuse Training Requirements
Senate Bills
SB9 – Rural Health Care Act Program Funding
SB20 – Child Out-Of-Home Care Activities & Planning
SB29 – Educational Retirement Board Employee Salary
SB30 – Establish & Study Teacher Cost Index
SB30a/sec – Establish & Study Teacher Cost Index | Attachment
SB31 – Remove Certain Graduation Requirements
SB32 – K-3 Plus Eligibility
SB34 – Teach & Principal Evaluation System
SB35 – Public School Funding Sufficiency
SB38 – Brain Injury Training for Student Athletes
SB39 – "Current Year Mem" in School Code
SB40 – State School Grades Council
SB62 – School Rating Grading Point System
SB63 – "Education Technology Improvements" Uses
SB64 – Public School Capital Outlay Time Periods
SB66 – School Fund Transportation Distribution | Attachment
SB71 – State Budget Request Sub-Programs
SB89 – School District Size Limits
SB114 – School District Cash Balances
SB115 – Safe Schools for All Students Act
SB134 – Computer Science for School Graduation
SB134sec/s – Computer Science for School Graduation
SB135 – Charter Schools in School Districts
SB135sec/s – Charter Schools in School Districts
SB140 – School District Flexibility
SB144 – School Substitute Teacher Retirement
SB147 – School Capital Outlay State-Local Matches | Attachment
SB148 – Student Diabetes Management Act
SB170 – Increase School Student Walking Distance
SB193 – Support & Oversight of Charter Schools
SB200 – Certified School Employee Program Units
SB206 – State Early Learning Advisory Council Changes
SB206sec – State Early Learning Advisory Council Changes
SB207 – Clarify a Certain Charter School's Authority
SB208 – School Advanced Placement Policy
SB209 – Additional Student Data Reporting
SB213 – Support for Transferring Students
SB213a/sec – Support for Transferring Students
SB218 – State Ethics Commission Act
SB219 – Define & Require School Ethnic Studies
SB223 – Essential Health & Disease Functions
SB241 – School Visual Arts & Physical Ed Standards
SB251 – Certain Student Misconduct Reports to Parents
SB253 – Withdraw NM from PARCC Test
SB256 – K-6 Minimum School Hours & Days
SB256sec/s – K-6 Minimum School Hours & Days
SB261 – Constitutional Revision Commission
SB279 – SEG Size Adjustment Unit Eligibility
SB288 – Taxes & Surtaxes for Early Childhood Fund
SB289 – Early Childhood Education Dept. Act
SB290 – School District Budget Flexibility
SB290sec/s – School District Budget Flexibility
SB299 – Whistleblower Protection Act Changes
SB302 – School Board Vacancy & Candidacy Requirements
SB305 – Charter School Equalization Guarantee
SB305sec/s – Charter School Equalization Guarantee
SB311 – Fund ENMU Career Technical Student Programs
SB313 – Charter School Facilities and Leases
SB313a/sec – Charter School Facilities and Leases
SB323 – Early Kindergarten Enrollment
SB329 – Increase Minimum Teachers' Salaries
SB332 – Replenish School Cash Balances | Attachment
SB338a/sec – Statewide Broadband Network
SB344a/sec – Income Tax Rates & Pre-K Funding
SB346 – Charter School Free & Reduced Meals
SB374 – Hunger-Free Students' Bill of Rights Act
SB379 – NM-Grown Produce in School Meals
SB381 – Alternative School Transportation
SB381sec – Alternative School Transportation
SB397 – School Protections for Certain Students
SB399 – Special Needs Education Professionals
SB406 – Education Dept. Sexual Assault Reporting
SB440 – Adjunct Secondary Instructors Act
SB445 – Community Schools & Pre-K Definitions
SB454 – Local Option Property Tax for Schools
SB476 – Public Elementary School Solar Panels
House Joint Resolutions
HJR1 – Permanent Funds for Early Childhood, CA
HJR5 – No New School Activity Without Funding, CA
Senate Joint Resolutions
SJR3 – Permanent Funds for Early Childhood, CA
SJR6 – Statewide Millage for School Funding, CA
SJR11 – Elected & Appointed Board of Education, CA
SJR14 – School Fund for Longer School Days & Year, CA
SJR17 – Early Childhood Education Dept., CA
SJR18 – Severance Tax Money for Early CHildhood, CA
House Joint Memorials
Senate Joint Memorials
SJM1 – Student Assessment Policy Working Group
SJM11 – Collect School Physical Ed Data
SJM14 – School Info on Meningococcal Diseases
House Memorials
HM9 – Middle School Student Preparedness
HM15 – Allow School Academic Acceleration
HM37 – Instructional Support Provider Testing
HM49 – Media Literay Best Practices
HM51hec – Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force
Senate Memorials
SM21 – Study State Worker Compensation
SM22 – Study Branch & Community College Statutes
SM23 – Early Childhood Service Collaboration
SM50 – Study Families Using in 2 Social Svc Types
SM51 – Study Statutory Gun Violence Protections
SM56 – School Transportation Funds & Bus Replacement
SM79 – Autism Spectrum Disorder Needs Task Force
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